Slalom Company Benefits

Slalom employees are entitled to an array of benefits that provide support across all aspects of life. We’ve compiled a collection of resources to help you grow and protect your wealth by maximizing these benefits.

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We answer some of the most important questions facing Slalom employees today.
Breaking the Bias, Women and Finances
[REVISE] Slalom celebrated Women’s History Month with a two-part web series hosted by Brighton Jones’ Women Living a Richer Life. This series, on March 9 and March 23, highlights ways Slalom women can improve their financial wellbeing to live authentically and break biases every day.

Shareholder Equity

If you’ve maxed out your personal 401(k) contributions or have additional funds you want to save for retirement, a backdoor Roth could be an option to explore with your financial planner.

Life and Disability Insurance

Slalom covers a $100,000 basic life insurance policy as well as a disability insurance policy for all employees. If desired, you can purchase additional life insurance coverage up to $500,000 or five times your salary (which ever is less).

Health Savings Accounts

Employees can grow their financial assets pre-tax through a Health Savings Account. Once a minimum balance is achieved, those funds can be invested like those in a 401(k).

"Brighton Jones has a family feel to how they approach client relationships. It’s not just a transaction for them but that they truly have our best interests in mind."

– Dan S., Brighton Jones client

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