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Episode #6 | Scott Kriens: Generative Energy – The Real Currency of Life

“The real peace that I think we all imagine … is to be found inside of us and not by that which we manifest outside of us.”

– Scott Kriens

“What really matters in life?” That fundamental question was what inspired the chairman of a major multinational corporation to launch 1440 Multiversity, an innovative hub for immersion learning. In this episode, Scott Kriens shares candid, heartfelt thoughts on the importance of facing our fears head-on and how “generative energy” can help us all make powerful course corrections to bring us closer to living from a place of true WELLth.

About Scott Kriens

Scott Kriens true WELLth Podcast

Scott Kriens, chairman and former CEO of Juniper Networks, has been in the technology industry for more than 35 years. In 1996, he co-founded Juniper Networks, growing the company to $4 billion in global sales and more than 10,000 employees in 100+ countries. In 2010, Scott and his wife Joanie launched 1440 Foundation, a grantmaking organization committed to the cultivation of authentic and connected relationships, with self and others, as a basis for living well. The work of the foundation led Scott and Joanie to launch 1440 Multiversity, a learning destination in the California redwoods of Santa Cruz County. At his core, Scott is a learner and a builder, committed to finding new ways to tie the world around us to that which is real and powerful within us.

Show Notes

1440 Multiversity first came across my radar when a program manager there reached out to ask me if I’d be willing to teach a financial literacy workshop for women over one weekend each January. I had just decided to dramatically pare back the places where I do those kinds of intimate seminars. But after hearing the story of why and how 1440 Multiversity came to be, I knew I had to be a part—however small—of the organization’s movement in support of generative energy.

One of the first conversations I had with Scott Kriens turned into a spontaneous, hour-long dialogue about how humans can more effectively and gently interact with each other and the planet. The conversation left me overflowing with excitement about the possibilities that come about when a group of people comes together to learn from each other and apply that knowledge in the “real world,” impacting everything from how we lead organizations to how we lead our lives.

This episode is a delightful extension of that conversation, and I hope you will find it as mentally stimulating as I did.

Manisha’s Top Takeaways

  • Humility
    As Scott puts it, “Humility is a powerful enabler for learning at a rapid rate, and that as soon as it slips to hubris, arrogance, or overconfidence, the learning becomes harder to come by.” [2:35]
  • Facing fear
    Scott argues that addressing our fears head-on is the process in which he observes the most personal growth. As such, his daily wellbeing practice includes consciously stepping out from behind the wall that so many of us put up, choosing instead to show up each day as his real self and allowing whatever comes from that openness and transparency to happen. [15:00 and 16:00]
  • Generative Energy
    The name 1440 comes from the number of minutes in a day. We can use those 1440 minutes each day to intentionally choose situations that fill us with more energy and remove ourselves from toxic settings that drain our energy. [8:20]

Other Major Topics

  • What special intellectual treats await you on the 1440 Multiversity campus [5:55]
  • Scott’s surprising thoughts on successful professional accomplishments [12:30]
  • The time when Scott felt the way he was spending his money and his time was not in alignment with what mattered most to him in life and what he did about it. [13:45]

Resources Cited in the Episode

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