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Valerie McGinty

Tell us a little about yourself and your work.

I am an appellate attorney, the founder of Fund Her (a PAC dedicated to electing women), and now the co-founder of a new 501(c)(3) nonpartisan organization dedicated to the registration and turnout of women voters across America: Register Her.

We know that women are a powerful voting block (delivering the White House, voting for President Biden at a rate of 57 percent versus men at 45 percent) and a reliable investment (turning out at a higher rate than men in every presidential election since 1984). And, as we saw from the January U.S. Senate runoff elections in Georgia—where both races were determined by a margin of less than two percentage points—voter registration and turnout changes outcomes in close elections.

Because women comprise approximately half the population across America, Register Her has the potential to transform every state, with our initial focus directed toward states with the most closely contested races—states like Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

What drives the mission of Register Her?

With the onslaught of voter suppression laws (and a Supreme Court willing to uphold them), we knew it was time to act. Our investment in expanding the electorate is one of the best ways to counter the relentless attacks on voting rights.

If fully funded, we expect to register enough women to expand the 2022 midterm electorate by two percent in the top six battleground states.

Are there any exciting updates you’d like to share?

Learn more about our National Voter Registration Day Launch Event! Special guests include DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, actress, author, and activist June Diane Raphael, and singer-songwriter Melanie Charles.

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