Aaron Meyer, wealth advisors, seattle

Aaron Meyer

How do I help our clients live a richer life?
My background as an attorney with an advanced degree in tax law and a bachelor’s degree in finance helps me understand that return preparation is not simply an immediate compliance concern, but rather one of many practical facets of a greater plan for investing, gifting, and creating a legacy. I delight in the opportunity to craft tax strategies that mesh with investment plans and grants that together give clients the assurance that their long-term goals will be accomplished, allowing them to focus on following their own passions and to face the future with the confidence that comes from knowing they have advisors they can trust.

How do I spend my time outside of Brighton Jones?
Fitting with my meticulous nature, I spend much of my spare either time in my garage slowly working through the “driving restoration” of an old Porsche or, in the summer, exploring Washington on one of my motorcycles in a never-ending quest for the best all-day breakfast or dive-bar cheeseburger. During winter, when the fun vehicles are nestled warmly in the garage under the faint glow of several battery maintainers, I can be found in my season seat at the Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB) or attending a few of the PNB’s Young Patrons Circle events.