Global Compassion in Action

Mar 22, 2017 |

global compassion stitch jonesLate last year, we began making happiness and compassion a more central component of the Brighton Jones way of helping people live richer lives. As part of this effort, we launched our first Global Compassion Project: building a volunteer guesthouse in Kajiado, Kenya. The Brighton Jones Global Services Guesthouse will provide urgently needed accommodations for volunteers who support two amazing organizations:

  • The HELGA Maasai Girls Rescue Center, a safe haven where Maasai girls can escape early marriage, female genital mutilation, and unwanted pregnancy in order to pursue education
  • The Kajiado Childcare Center, an organization that rehabilitates, educates, and empowers children with disabilities to reach their full potential and gain self-reliance and dignity

As of March 20, we have received over 250 gifts ranging in size from $25 to $10,000 and totaling $70,200. We are humbled by this outpouring of generosity, and we are deeply grateful to all who have contributed to this cause. THANK YOU!

global compassion lift up africaChildren from the Kajiado Childcare Centre showing off the plans for the Brighton Jones Global Services Volunteer Guesthouse in Kajiado, Kenya

A True Win-Win Opportunity

While we are well to our way to our goal of $150,000, we still have a ways to go! Learn more and please join us in this effort. It’s easy to donate and many hands make light work. Together each of our small actions has a tremendously positive impact.

Helping HELGA Maasai Girl’s Rescue Center and Kajiado Childcare Centre is an act of compassion, and research shows that compassion increases our own happiness and enriches our lives as well as those around us.

We will travel to Kenya this fall to celebrate the completion of the guesthouse; if you would like to accompany us on the journey, please let us know. We will also visit the Ruben Center, an incredible school in the middle of a Nairobi slum.

Building Relationships and Community

global compassion brighton jones yogaIn addition to raising money for those in need, we have also used our Global Compassion Project as a way to deepen relationships and build community. Since November, our team has hosted over a dozen events, ranging from poker and Seahawks-viewing parties to bake sales and yoga. At these events we intentionally blur the lines between clients, colleagues, and community members. Happiness and compassion are contagious, and we aim to promote both pillars throughout our entire ecosystem.

Happiness, Compassion and Richer Lives

global compassion stitch calendarIn an effort to live the Brighton Jones mission statement of helping others live richer lives, we have been studying the science of happiness. Through our study, we have discovered a powerful finding: happiness is a skill. Our 2017 Find Your Happy calendar features 12 happiness practices, one for each month, designed to help you develop the happiness skill and make it a habit. If nothing else, you get exclusive photos of our Ambassador of Happy, Stitch Jones, living his best life. Who can argue with that? Request your calendar today.

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