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Align your wealth, passions, and purpose. We call it the Personal CFO approach to wealth management.
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Personal CFO
Brighton Jones meets you at the intersection of life and wealth. Your Personal CFO team develops a deep understanding of your future goals and current lifestyle, then builds and implements a personalized plan for you. The plan aligns your wealth with your values across the full spectrum of financial planning, including investments, taxes, executive compensation, retirement, estate planning, charitable giving, and private investments.

Vocational Freedom Planning

Some call it retirement—we call it vocational freedom. Whether you’re considering retirement or a shift in the way you work, you need a plan that covers your cash flow needs with a balanced investment portfolio structure.

Proactive Tax Planning

Accumulating, accessing, or transferring wealth can spur some serious tax implications. A forward-looking tax plan can simplify your financial life and uncover opportunities to maximize the value of charitable gifts or harvest tax losses to offset future capital gains.

Private Investments

Confidently navigate the opaque world of private investments with access, insights, and analysis of opportunities that provide portfolio diversification and historically higher rates of return.

Real Estate

Real estate investments are an important part of any wealth-building strategy. It brings unique advantages, including passive income streams, use of leverage, and favorable tax strategies to expand and diversify your current holdings.

Strategic Philanthropy

Put your wealth to its highest use. A strategic philanthropic plan can increase the value of your resources while reducing the overall impact on your financial picture through charitable giving, a family foundation, endowments, or a donor-advised fund.

Estate Planning

Build a holistic plan for your legacy that provides for loved ones and protects your estate. An actionable plan can reduce administrative costs, distribute wealth responsibly, provide for the care of loved ones, and minimize estate taxes.

Beyond the Balance Sheet

Make meaningful connections with like-minded people beyond your portfolio. Individuals can engage in programs designed for networking, volunteering, learning, and sharing their passions.

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