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Real estate has been an investment strategy for millennia, and for many it is also a place to call home. But it is not simple. There is debt, there are taxes, and many risks abound. Tune in for an introduction to how you can look at real estate as a potential investment, in anything from a primary residence to a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). We will cover how to think about real estate in the context of a larger investment strategy and what pitfalls to avoid as a potential investor. Watch now >>

Health savings accounts, Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D, Medicare Advantage, federal and state marketplaces… It can be confusing—because it is! Tune in to unpack some of the mysteries and take stock of what you need to know and how it might apply to your personal situation, both now and in the future. Watch now >>

Don’t know where to begin with your financial plan? You are not alone. Building a plan can feel daunting, and inaction can have serious consequences over time. Tune in to get some insight on where to start. We will cover how to approach investing for retirement, how to identify and tackle risks, and what you need to think about to set up long-term success. Watch now >>
Why does it feel like your entire life moves when you change places? Because in many ways it does! Moving touches on areas like cash management, insurance planning, debt planning, and account maintenance, just to name a few! In this webinar, we review some key considerations to make moving just a little bit easier—from a financial planning perspective anyway… Watch now >>
Learn how to identify and take advantage of opportunities to shield income, and how to plan for a blissfully uneventful April 15. Watch now >>

Should you spend 15 minutes to save 15% or more on your car insurance? Should you get your home, auto, and liability insurance from the same carrier? What are common features of policies that can affect coverage and premiums? Property and casualty insurance is often viewed purely from a cost perspective, and this can lead to large risk exposures. In this session we cover the basics of these policies and how to approach coverage for different situations. Watch now >>

Housing prices have steadily increased over the past several years, making homeownership desirable to many but also harder to attain. Questions abound. How much can you afford? How do I start the process of looking for a home? Learn how to approach a home purchase from a financial planning standpoint, leaving emotions at the door and setting yourself up for success. Watch now >>

The cost of college has risen dramatically over the past 30 years, and student debt is at all-time highs. For anyone with children or grandchildren, saving for college can be a source of confusion and anxiety. How much is enough? What is the best way to save? We address these questions and more in this session. Watch now >>

We cover the history of credit scores, how they are calculated and used, and how to set yourself up for success. We also discuss security. Security for credit and identity is a key piece of long-term financial success, and something that is becoming more important as attacks and scams permeate our society. Watch now >>

This webinar covers the the basics of navigating the world of investments. Key takeaways include definitions of frequently used terms and products, common pitfalls to avoid, and simple steps you can take to start right away. Watch now >>

This webinar covers the basics of embarking on the road to retirement, from definitions of common terms and strategies to simple steps you can take today to get started on your own retirement plan. Watch now >>

You’ll learn about the basics of navigating the world of life insurance, from definitions of common terms and products to strategies and simple steps that you can take today to make the best decisions for you and your family. Watch now >>

We guide you through the basics of long-term disability insurance, including definitions of common terms and products. Learn how to find the best coverage options for you and your family. Watch now >>

We guide you through the world of debt, covering the following questions: What is good debt and how can it be used? What is bad debt and how can it be avoided? How much debt can you afford? Watch now >>

Everyone has an estate plan whether they know it or not. There are laws that will determine what happens for those who become incapacitated or die without documenting their specific wishes. These laws rarely align perfectly with someone’s true intentions. Tune in to learn why it is important that you take control of your own situation and what steps you should take to put a basic plan in place. Watch now >>

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