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Brighton Jones is the original Personal CFO, combining the power of in-house expertise with evidence-based advice to maximize your total balance sheet. From investments and tax planning to risk management and strategic philanthropy, your interests always come first.

We understand the value of a trusted partner who listens carefully, has the skills and knowledge to drive results and creates a comprehensive plan that fits your unique needs and goals. In everything we do, we are guided by our mission—to help our clients, colleagues, and the global community live richer lives.

Plan now for your family’s future and your business’ success. Start a conversation with one of our wealth advisors in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Scottsdale, or Washington, D.C. to see what a Personal CFO can do for you.

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Retirement Plan Education for Employees is a Real Win-WinPosted on 12-28-2018

Simply giving plan participants a mutual fund lineup and some Morningstar profiles does not amount to serious retirement plan education for employees.

The Normalcy of Volatility, RevisitedPosted on 12-25-2018

We have all heard the lessons of sound investing over and over, but it is never easy to adhere to a long-term plan in the face of short-term uncertainty.

Your Year-End Tax Planning ChecklistPosted on 12-12-2018

Even with only weeks left in 2018, there are still some relatively simple end of year tax planning moves available to help lessen the burden in April 2019:

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It takes a team to deliver the wealth management advice we would want for ourselves


Your team at Brighton Jones develops a personalized strategic plan just for you that considers how a decision in one area of your financial life impacts the bigger picture. That means you no longer need to herd a group of unrelated wealth, tax, and legal advisors whose interests may not always align with yours.

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brighton jones personal CFO investment philosophy

Investing is a means to an end.

Our investment principles are focused on managing risk and combining asset classes efficiently and cost-effectively.

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brighton jones personal CFO executive compensation

It’s never as simple as “salary plus benefits.”

Compensation packages at the senior executive level have grown ever more complex with base pay, stock options, deferred compensation, performance bonuses and other creative incentives. We’ll help you decipher the details and make the best choices.

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brighton jones personal CFO complex finances

We know what we want to do with our money. We need help with the “how.”

Serious financial wealth can simplify your life, but it adds a layer of complexity. Creating and managing a plan for doing good or giving back—today and for future generations—takes considerable time and expertise.

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brighton jones personal CFO planning

A plan for the future helps me relax today.

With Brighton Jones, retirement planning is not simply an investment strategy. We not only address the “when” of your retirement, but also if you’ll have enough to reach your goals. When it comes to your retirement, the question “what’s next?” should always have a definitive answer.

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brighton jones personal CFO liquidity event

I just came into money, now what?

Your team at Brighton Jones will help you articulate your goals for your newfound wealth and get to the heart of what’s most important to you. Then we’ll develop a financial plan aligned with your values.

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brighton jones personal CFO life event

It’s the surprising twists that make life so memorable.

Life’s big events nearly always have financial ramifications. We’ll lead you through a process designed to assess the strengths and weaknesses in your current financial plan, based on your personal priorities.

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