Starting the Conversation on Retirement Planning

By Matt Mormino, CFP® | Oct 16, 2018 |

You’re not alone if the mere thought of retirement planning seems like an almost impossible task. By now, you’ve probably heard countless times that the key is to start early. Of course, such advice is repeated so often because it’s true. But living by a simple principle is not the same as putting a full plan in place—you will need a full accounting of the factors at play and how they impact your long-term goals.

There are three primary drivers of a successful retirement plan: when you will retire, how much you have saved already and how much you are going to save moving forward, and what living expenses you require to live a comfortable retirement.

With that framework in mind, I recommend the brief video below from Dimensional, whose research is helpful in understanding retirement planning and how you can assess your own situation.


It’s important to remember that your retirement plan is unique. Your goals are the ones that matter, and they might vary widely.

Do you want to target an early retirement, a frugal one if need be? Or do you want to cross items off a bucket list that includes things like a luxury cruise around the world, even though luxury doesn’t play into your life today? Do you have family members or organizations on which you want to leave a lasting impact? These questions and more are great ways to start the conversation around retirement planning.

A comprehensive retirement plan is tailored to your unique circumstance, and a holistic and creative advisor is an invaluable resource to help you build a plan and see it through.

I encourage you to explore our other recent articles on this topic to gain a better grasp of specific retirement planning needs and ways you can take action in the short-term with an eye on your future. Reach out to a member of our team with any questions or concerns.

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