Macklemore Is No Stranger to Compassion

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We’re excited to recognize Macklemore as Brighton Jones’ first Warrior of Compassion!

macklemore compassion gretchen jones jon jonesMacklemore (center) shares a moment with Gretchen and Jon Jones – Courtesy of the Moyer Foundation

Jon Jones, co-founder and CEO of Brighton Jones, was inspired by the artist’s story, vulnerability, and passion when the pair had a chance to chat last week. In fact, Macklemore is the perfect person to receive our award (and the Ambassador of Happy sticker that goes along with it).

macklemore compassion stitch jones logo

You might ask, what is a Warrior of Compassion? At Brighton Jones, we’ve been recognizing our colleagues who dedicate themselves to the happiness of others. A warrior embodies our core value of compassion, and cares passionately about the wellbeing of those around them. It’s easy to spot Warriors of Compassion by the positive impact they have on their family, friends, and community. You know one when you see one.

Why is Macklemore the first Warrior of Compassion outside of Brighton Jones? That’s easy to answer:

  • He cares. Just look at his powerful video on He fearlessly tells his story of recovering from drug abuse in order to help others. The list of organizations he supports seems to be endless. 30/30 Project. WE Day. ONE Campaign. Warriors of Compassion take strong action—they do something when they see people who are hungry or homeless, fighting an addiction, or otherwise need help. Empathy is feeling what someone else feels. Compassion is taking action to make someone feel better. That’s what Macklemore does—he steps up because he cares.
  • His focus on at-risk youth. As a supporter of Childhaven, we recognize the challenges facing many of our youth today. There’s never been a greater need for artists who can relate to youth, connect with them, deliver the right message, and give hope. And that’s exactly what Macklemore does by both speaking to and for people that need a hand. Brighton Jones is committed to at-risk youth in a big way, and appreciates the importance of his tireless work to lift them up.
  • His music makes people happy, and ultimately that’s what Warriors of Compassion do. They make the effort and take the risks needed to change lives and make others happy. 

Congratulations, Ben!


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