Sierrah Martin

Sierrah Martin Brighton Jones

As a client service associate at Brighton Jones, I approach every task with a high attention to detail and “can-do” attitude.

Andrea Reed, CPA

Andrea Reed Brighton Jones

I help clients live a richer life by taking the stress out of their tax compliance and tax planning.

Erica Penner

Erica Penner Brighton Jones

I’m the growth and operations manager in our Portland office, meaning I help clients live a richer life by keeping things running smoothly!

Alexia Candelaria, CFP®

Alexia Candelaria Brighton Jones

I am fortunate to work with a team of individuals that share my passion to provide sound advice to clients as their Personal CFO. We work together to deliver creative solutions and the detailed level of service our clients deserve.

Bria Lin

Bria Lin Brighton Jones

As a senior client experience associate, I strive to ensure our clients can sleep easy at night knowing they have a solid plan in place.

Carley Dillon

Carley Dillon Brighton Jones

As the managing director for our Portland office, I’m responsible for providing vision and direction for the local team.

Jessica Allison, CFP®

Jess Allison Brighton Jones

My work with the Portland team includes assisting lead advisors and tax managers with processing tax returns, establishing new accounts, actively communicating with clients, and facilitating the achievement of goals for both our team and our clients.

Karen Harris, CFP®, CRPC®

Karen Harris Brighton Jones

Each new season brings opportunities to plan for the unexpected and navigate changes. It is fun to seek creative solutions in a collaborative environment at Brighton Jones.

Levi Guthrie

Levi Guthrie Brighton Jones

I bring my personal drive and passion to my position as a tax advisor to help clients with tax planning, preparation of returns, and other tax-related inquiries.

Steven Hanks, CFP®

Steven Hanks Brighton Jones

Advising around investments, company benefits, taxes, etc. are all a part of being a good advisor. But a great advisor brings it back to the “why.”