Nicole Henderson

Nicole Henderson

Nicole Henderson serves as an advisor in Brighton Jones’ San Francisco office.

Brevin Schmidt

Brevin Schmidt

Brevin Schmidt serves as an advisor in Brighton Jones’ San Francisco office.

Corinne Salera, CFP®

Corinne Salera Brighton Jones

As an advisor, I understand financial decisions can be very overwhelming. My goal is to simplify the options and provide confidence in a path forward.

Cara Barr

Cara Barr Brighton Jones

After spending much of my 20-year career in institutional wealth management, I’m grateful to be connecting with individuals again.

Ben Sampson, CFP®

Ben Sampson Brighton Jones

I thoroughly enjoy giving clients the ability to chase personal goals rather than monitor the nuts and bolts of their financial picture.

Kailey Romey

Kailey Romey Brighton Jones

I aim to build strong, genuine relationships with our clients, leaving them with the assurance that they can come to me no matter the situation or question.

Krystal Fortner, CFP®

Krystal Fortner Brighton Jones

I help clients live a richer life by empowering them with useful, easy-to-understand information that helps them make more informed financial decisions.

Cara Picton

Cara Picton Brighton Jones

As the growth and operations manager in our San Francisco office, I serve as the unofficial “director of first impressions” for our clients, making sure they feel welcome and taken care of.

Chris DeStefano

Chris DeStefano Brighton Jones

I believe a key part of living a richer life is removing fear, worry, and ambiguity associated with the future. By taking time to thoroughly get to know clients and understand their hopes, dreams and fears, I strive to build strong relationships.

Clint Christensen, CFP®

Clint Christensen Brighton Jones

Brighton Jones’ culture embodies the mission of helping clients live a richer life. When you are a Personal CFO it opens the door to more powerful and connected relationships with our clients and their families.