Lenora Capital

Creative. Collaborative. Intentional

Created by Clients, for clients

Lenora Capital is a private investment platform that delivers diversified portfolios of unique investment opportunities across private equity, venture capital, real estate, credit, infrastructure, and impact asset classes.

Lenora Capital seeks to generate above-market rates of return by investing in institutional quality opportunities and deploying capital into both professionally managed funds, co-investments, and singular direct deals.

Value of Lenora Capital

Lenora Capital removes the transactional friction for individuals by providing a private investment solution to deliver a dynamic portfolio construction process that seeks to provide access to top managers and investment opportunities coupled with ongoing portfolio management and strategy execution.

  • Differentiated Access – Access to institutional-grade investment opportunities, including funds and direct deals
  • Asset Class Diversification – Portfolios built across private markets to meet your needs, including equity-oriented strategies, debt strategies, as well as impact
  • Subject Matter Expertise – Dedicated team and network of experts to conduct due diligence and add value to the portfolio
  • Operations Management – Platform provides efficient reporting as well as execution of capital calls and distributions
  • Lower Fees – Ability to negotiate favorable terms coupled with a client-friendly structure that shares profits
  • Engagement Opportunities – Investors can participate with due diligence, consulting projects, or board assignments

Investment Strategy

Lenora Capital leverages an expansive network of industry leading executives and its highly experienced team to seek access to the best opportunities and deploy capital across multiple asset classes. We utilize multiple investment vehicles in an effort to generate the highest possible returns while looking to create the most fulfilling investor experience.

  • Institutional Quality – Mirror the highest-performing portfolios of the most successful institutional investors
  • Multi-Asset – Build a diversified portfolio of equity and debt investments across asset classes
  • Fund Investments – Invest in professionally managed funds and leverage co-investment opportunities presented by proven managers
  • Direct Investments – Participate in discrete single-deal investments alongside experienced management teams and individual deal sponsors
  • Leverage Networks – Create unique opportunities for investors to source deals, conduct due diligence, and add value to investments