Microsoft Corporate Benefits

Microsoft employees are entitled to some of the best benefits in the world. For more than 20  years, we’ve partnered with Microsoft employees and alumni to maximize their corporate benefits while growing and protecting their wealth.

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Where to begin?
We answer some of the most important questions facing Microsoft employees today.

Learn How to Leverage Your 2024 Benefits

Maximizing Your Microsoft Benefits
Learn how your Microsoft benefits package can be incorporated into your broader financial plan.
Taxes, Investing, and the Right Strategy for your Microsoft Benefits
In this session, we will help you understand and navigate tax strategies as they relate to your Microsoft benefits. We will also discuss recent stock market performance and how it plays into your overall approach to financial planning.

Backdoor Roth IRAs

If you’ve maxed out your personal 401(k) contributions or have additional funds you want to save for retirement, a backdoor Roth could be an option to explore with your financial planner.

Deferred Compensation

Microsoft’s deferred compensation plan is designed to provide tax and retirement benefits. Eligible employees can designate a portion of their compensation to be withheld and distributed back when they’re in a lower tax bracket.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Employees can purchase additional Microsoft stocks via a payroll deduction. Typically these stocks are purchased at a 10 percent discount and can be sold instantly to capitalize on the discount and make immediate profit.

Health Savings Accounts

Employees can grow their financial assets pre-tax through a Health Savings Account. Once a minimum balance is achieved, those funds can be invested like those in a 401(k).

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