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Brighton Jones Investment Partners

Creative. Collaborative. Intentional.​

Our Foundation
Brighton Jones Investment Partners embodies the innovative spirit, rich expertise, and broad network of the largest wealth management firm in Washington State. We are an intimate group of experienced business leaders focused on private investments tailored to our interests and passions. Operating as a single, independent entity, we pursue a range of industries and stages in which we can add value beyond the capital investment.

Our Members
The strength of our group lies in the diverse backgrounds and networks of our individual members. Having worked at or invested in companies across a multitude of industries, each member brings a unique mix of expertise, operational acumen, financial aptitude, and business connections to the table. We leverage this wealth of knowledge and resources to magnify the impact of targeted investments. To further extend our reach, we tap into the national Brighton Jones network that spans across industries and geographies.

Our Investments
We are steadfast in the belief that business is done face-to-face, and therefore focus our attention on companies in the Pacific Northwest. Investments span traditional private equity or venture capital deals in consumer products, technology, business services, manufacturing, etc. We maintain a broad investment thesis and will also look at private lending and real estate deals.

Our group focuses on relatively mature companies that have a core team, proven solution, existing clients, and revenues that require growth equity to finance a transformational event in their lifecycle. Investments are typically minority positions with flexible structures, including the opportunity for a board seat or a strong partnership with management to add strategic and operational value to help grow the company.

Our Portfolio

Let’s Talk

Whether you have a specific question, or you’re interested in learning more about how our approach could be tailored to your situation, we’d be happy to hear from you. Please feel free to be in touch in whichever way works best for you.