Mindfulness-based Emotional and Social Intelligence

The Brighton Jones mindfulness program fosters compassion in our culture, our client relationships, and our broader community.

Compassion is a core value at Brighton Jones and something we see as essential to fulfilling our mission. Our unique approach to wealth management is predicated upon a deeper understanding of our clients’ lives and the ability to connect their financial decisions to their broader goals and values. We are as invested in their happiness as we are in their balance sheet.

Mindfulness Emotional and Social Intelligence Brighton JonesMindfulness-based Emotional and Social Intelligence (MESI) is a training program we have developed to empower our employees, clients, and community to hone the skills and practices that help us be fully present and act intentionally in our lives and relationships.

MESI focuses on self-awareness, intentional management of emotions, recognition of other people’s emotions, and compassion. Our team is more focused, more effective, and happier as a result. And those benefits translate directly to our clients: our advisors are better listeners, better connected to the emotions associated with money, and more attuned to how finances relate to broader wellbeing.

The results we’ve seen have been so powerful that it’s led us to offer mindfulness training to clients and to adapt and share MESI workshops and curriculum with other organizations in the community.

In 2018, Washington State University’s Honors College introduced the MESI Certificate with the goal of teaching happiness as a life skill and providing students with the tools to improve their performance, relationships, and health. Through innovative coursework, workshops, local and global service projects, and guest speakers, the MESI Certificate trains students in mindfulness, self-awareness, self-management, empathy, and compassion.

Meet the Facilitator

Bonnie Gerlaugh

Bonnie Gerlaugh

Bonnie brings a decade of experience in facilitation, coaching, and curriculum development to her role empowering people at Brighton Jones. Focused on connecting people with themselves and others, Bonnie leads and develops MESI workshops and facilitates retreats worldwide. In a nutshell, she’s in the business of empowering better humans.

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