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Welcome to the true WELLth Podcast

Are you wealthy or WELLthy?

What if… everything we’ve been taught about money and “making it” is wrong? 

What if… “success” as currently defined by modern society is merely a recipe for disconnection from self, others, community, and the fuller experience of life?

What if… more is just “more” and what we really need is to focus on discovering our own unique definition of “enough”?

Enter true WELLth, a podcast devoted to helping you identify what tiny tweaks—or radical reboots—will best enable you to more closely align the way you spend your time and money with what matters most to you in life.

Listeners will come away from each episode with 1-3 specific, life-enhancing ideas from thought-provoking experts across the four core areas of overall wellbeing: emotional, social, physical, and financial. Importantly, these insights are presented through the authentic story of each expert’s own personal struggles and victories.

With true WELLth, our intention is to heighten your attention to a wide range of actions and mindset shifts that can empower you to live deeply aligned. Giving “attention to your intentions” is a powerful life skill. It’s one that puts you firmly on the path to experiencing real contentment, feeling peace of mind, and living a richer life.

New to the podcast?

Welcome to the true WELLth community. We’re so happy you found us! New episodes are roughly 25-minutes each and come out every other Wednesday. We will also run some shorter pop-up episodes. These will either: (a) highlight current happenings in society that shine a light on the human side of money or (b) provide insights about core financial strategies that can add more true WELLth to your life!

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