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Episode #30 | David Mawhinney: A Master Class in Pivoting and Career Change

“I think you have to accept that failure is going to happen.”

– David Mawhinney

We follow David Mawhinney on his life journey from economics major to CPA to chef to sauce purveyor and now founder and CEO of the high-end children’s furniture company Franklin+Emily.

About David Mawhinney

David Mawhinney true WELLth podcast

Never one to take the well-traveled path, David Mawhinney’s career trajectory reads more like a choose your own adventure novel than a straightforward story. He started his career in the world of finance at PwC in Toronto. Filling a need to be creative, David took a leap into the culinary world, working his way up in the finest restaurants in Toronto. With an opportunity to work at Thomas Keller’s 3-Michelin-starred Per Se, David and his wife moved to New York in 2007. Years later he joined Haven’s Kitchen, an event space, cafe, and cooking school, as chef and culinary director. David made the pivot to furniture design and fabrication after not being able to find quality children’s furniture that fit the aesthetic of his family’s home. He designed a chair from the ground up to fit the needs of his children and instill in them a sense of good design, sustainability, and durability. In August 2019, his company, Franklin+Emily, launched its full collection and has since expanded the line to include a desk set and learning tower.

Show Notes

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