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Episode #27 | Linda Davis Taylor: Amplifying the Conversation Around Wealth

“Money can be connected, perhaps unfortunately, with ‘someone loved me or someone didn’t love me.'”

– Linda Davis Taylor

This week on true WELLth, we explore the intersection of gender, wellbeing, and wealth with Linda Davis Taylor, who draws on her experience working in academia, philanthropy, and the financial sectior.

About Linda Davis Taylor

linda davis taylor true wellth podcast

Linda Davis Taylor is the host of “Money Stories with LDT,” a podcast at the intersection of money wellbeing, gender, and storytelling. Each week, she interviews today’s top thought leaders and CEOs about their money stories, exploring how our family, race, economic status, gender, and personality affect our financial lives. Linda is the former CEO and chairman of Clifford Swan Investment Counselors in Pasadena, California. She is a frequent speaker on wealth transition, family governance, and philanthropy. Linda wrote The Business of Family with an objective to educate families on multi-generational financial sustainability and the power to affect change that comes with wealth.

Show Notes

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