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Episode #26 | Sunil Arora: Approach Life With Intentional Pauses

“I realized that for the first time in my type A, get stuff done, achieving life, I wanted to hit pause.”

– Sunil Arora

Sunil Arora is a professional coach who helps CEOs, founders, and senior executives navigate leadership challenges, entrepreneurs start a new business, and individuals transition professionally. He draws on lessons from his own life pivot from fintech to coaching. Sunil walks us through how pauses in life and self-examination can help with life’s major decisions.

About Sunil Arora

sunil arora true wellth podcast

Sunil Arora is a professional coach for individuals and companies. He focuses on leadership and personal development for start-up executives, entrepreneurs starting their own businesses, and individuals in a professional transition. He also works on organizational structuring and development for early-stage companies. He draws on his experience in finance, sociology, technology start-ups, and the public policy space. Sunil’s background includes leading the fund partnerships team at Artivest, a technology-based investment start-up in New York connecting investors and investment funds.

Show Notes

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