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Women Living a Richer Life

Information and inspiration to increase your confidence around personal finances.

Never in the history of the world have women had the kind of collective economic power as they do today. To make the most of this cultural shift, we think it’s time to start asking some deeper questions and to help women take more agency around how their wealth is utilized.

As such, a key question we strive to help our clients answer is: Are you wealthy in the sense that you have money, or are you WELLthy, in the sense that you have an integrated sense of financial, social, emotional, and physical wellbeing? It has become clear to us that our clients want to be WELLthy in every sense of the term. They want to live from a place of deep financial strength and use their resources and their time in a manner that supports their unique values and passions.

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Women Living a Richer Life (WLRL) is an innovative and active community focused on helping women develop the knowledge and tools to craft just this sort of life. Why the separate focus on women? More and more women are the co- or primary breadwinner in their households. We are also in the early stages of a massive, intergenerational wealth transfer which will ultimately result in women controlling the majority of household wealth.

WLRL grew out of informal discussions among clients and Brighton Jones advisory teams. What started as a way to build shared connections around common interests has blossomed into a broad and vibrant initiative led by Tama Smith, a Wharton MBA and former CEO of The Tyra Banks Company. Based on feedback from our female clients, WLRL now includes a robust set of offerings, from intimate conversation circles to educational events to fireside chats with notable guest speakers. And we’re just getting started.

Wednesday, May 27 1:00-2:00 p.m. PDT

A solid portfolio strategy is not only one that gives you the greatest odds of getting you where you want to go, but also enables you to feel a deep sense of comfort along the journey. In this virtual session, we will highlight the key components of Brighton Jones’ overarching portfolio strategy, and how our team has prepared for uncertain market conditions like we find ourselves in today.

We encourage you to invite family, neighbors, and colleagues who could benefit from these topics and from Brighton Jones.

As women, we juggle so much in our professional and personal lives. Far too many of us work longer and harder for less pay than men to break through the proverbial glass ceiling. We often nurture others first and ourselves last.

During this crisis, we’re all learning to monitor our personal vital signs and take proactive health safety measures. But, are we doing the same for our financial wellbeing? 

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