Alena Boucek

Associate Advisor | Scottsdale | 602.654.0580

How do I help clients live a richer life?
When it comes to my job, I love to make clients happy and take the stress of handling finances out of their lives. I help clients live a richer life by truly taking the time to get to know them and what brings them fulfillment. Along with my colleagues, I put my best foot forward in providing financial advice, while also making this process a worry-free experience for our clients.

How do I align my time and money with my values and passions to Live a Richer Life?
Outside of work, I feel truly aligned with time with my close friends and family, traveling to unique places, trying out new spots in Arizona, and discovering entertaining hobbies such as baking and golfing. I also enjoy improving my mental and physical wellbeing by going to the gym and trying out new workout classes that challenge me. When I’m not outside, I love watching new shows and movies and having game nights with my roommates!