Brittany Weiler

Business Operations Manager | Seattle | 206.258.5017

How do I help our clients live a richer life?
We put an emphasis on helping our clients live a richer life by listening to their ambitions and curating a plan uniquely aligned with their goals. Our team helps companies build, manage, and monitor the retirement plan offered to employees, and partners with individuals to maximize their company benefits and incorporate them into a broader financial plan. I collaborate with our teams to develop creative solutions supporting our day-to-day operations and identify opportunities for continuous growth as colleagues and as a business.

How do I spend my time outside of Brighton Jones?
Like many of my fellow “Pacific Midwesterners,” my time spent outside of the office is focused on immersing myself as a newer resident of the greater Seattle area. My Midwestern interests have grown into Pacific Northwest passions—biking, camping, hiking, and skiing have a whole new meaning when the mountains are just a short drive (and podcast) away. The outdoors aside, I love spending time with family and friends (they are the fabric and fiber of my being) connecting in the kitchen over a great recipe, checking out a brewery, taking in a ballgame, reading and discussing books, exchanging handwritten notes or postcards, and volunteering.