Emma Close

Chief of Staff | Seattle | 206.258.5067

How do I help clients live a richer life?
At Brighton Jones, we want to create a world where everyone is living into their full potential, their richer life. My job as chief of staff is to support and provide lift for our CEO, Jon Jones, so that he can focus on building out the future and vision of Brighton Jones. I take on day-to-day tasks and strategy to move programs forward so that Jon can focus on continuously elevating Brighton Jones to help us reach our full potential as an organization. When we deliver on this vision of a richer life, our team is well aligned and more able to build a strong future for our clients. I work hard to understand what makes people tick and how I can help build strong networks and relationships that will ultimately improve the overall client experience.

How do I spend my time outside of Brighton Jones?
I am an eternal optimist, my favorite color is yellow, and I have two young boys who will tell you that my personal tagline is, “There’s always a solution!”. What lights me up is coaching individuals in both physical movement and personal growth. I help people tap into their full potential and develop their strengths. I am a huge advocate for health, wellness, and movement, and I can be found doing something active any chance I get (usually with a brewery at the end!). I geek out on personal growth, music, coffee, travel, happiness, and my family. My happy place is spending time with the people I love—usually in beautiful places and spaces.