Mackenzie McMillan Brighton Jones

Mackenzie McMillan

How do I help our clients live a richer life?
I lived abroad for several years and have traveled to dozens of countries. In these travels across cultures, languages, and geographies, I recognized a series of fundamental shared values, including hard work, honesty, and friendliness. These values are also fundamental pieces of the unique culture of Brighton Jones.

By placing a strong personal emphasis on values like hard work, honesty, and approachability as a client experience associate in the Scottsdale office, I strive to create strong relationships with both clients and colleagues. I believe that this approach creates an environment in which clients can truly live a richer life.

How do I spend my time outside of Brighton Jones?
I love the desert, and spend my time soaking up the sun while hiking among Arizona’s famed saguaros on the state’s many trails. I enjoy taking photos of the colorful desert landscapes, and frequently visit the red rock “energy vortexes” of Sedona. Having lived in Japan for several years, I am on a constant quest to find a good sushi restaurant. I have a passion for travel, with a personal goal of visiting at least one new country each year. To supplement my love of being immersed in other cultures, I can often be found studying languages, including Japanese, French, Norwegian, and German.