MaryKate Foust

Marketing Operations Associate | Seattle | 206.258.5158

How do I help clients live a richer life?
In a digital world, we’re constantly subject to information of all kinds online. I help our clients live a richer life by ensuring that they’re receiving the most relevant communications to fully capitalize on our services. My goal is to help us understand our clients and prospective clients so we can create the most valuable marketing experience possible.

How do I spend my time outside of Brighton Jones?
Outside of work, I spend as much time as I can traveling. In 2021, I lived in York, England where I was able to experience new cultures first-hand while earning my MSc in International Business and Strategic Management. While abroad, Agerola, Italy and Edinburgh, Scotland were my favorite cities to explore. As a North Carolina native, I love both the beaches and mountains. When I’m not on the move, I spend my free time painting, reading, or spending time with friends and family.