Selam Gurmu

Senior Client Administrator | Seattle | 206.258.5124

How do I help clients live a richer life?
As part of the Personal CFO team, I believe in fostering strong relationships built on trust and open communication. I take pride in being a reliable resource for my clients and offering valuable insights throughout their financial journey. My true satisfaction lies in helping clients, connecting with them on a personal level, and ultimately enabling them to Live a Richer Life!

How do I align my time and money with my values and passions to Live a Richer Life?
I align my time and money with connections, authenticity, and growth. I live every day as my authentic self and pride myself in being able to express my genuine thoughts, feelings, and values to those closest to me. This practice has allowed me to foster genuine connections. I aim to cultivate positive connections in my community and build strong relationships that provide support and emotional fulfillment. I pursue growth by being open to experiences and opportunities that nurture my personal development and align with my authentic self.