Tom Preston

VP of Client Service Operations | Seattle | 206.258.5040

How do I help our clients live a richer life?
Our service teams deliver amazing client service experiences every day. My role at Brighton Jones is to help them do this. I work with the team to develop processes, leverage technology, balance workloads, and identify talent to help us scale and grow our business, all while maintaining the consistently great service our clients have come to expect.

How do I align my time and money with my values and passions to Live a Richer Life?
My richer life revolves around my family, so as we juggle the challenges of work, high school, and other important commitments, we create space to be with one another. This can be a trip to Disneyland, a round of golf with my daughter, a date night with Amy, or watching both girls perform in a summer arts camp, connecting with friends, and prioritizing our health.