Common Investor Biases and How to Avoid Them

May 25, 2022

Biases in investing are pervasive. So much so that it’s an entire field of study known as behavioral finance that combines psychological theory and conventional financial economics.

Regardless of how disciplined a person thinks they are, the temptation to make financial decisions based on emotion, gut instincts, or trends is real. Have you ever held a stock and said that you’d sell when it passes its all time high?  Or does fear of missing out on the latest trend leave you wondering what could have been? Understanding how to identify — and avoid — these decision-making pitfalls is crucial to being a smart investor and paramount to crafting a sustainable financial plan.

In this session, led by Lead Advisor Michael Remedios and Advisor Lillian Turner, you’ll hear from the pros on how to identify our behavioral biases and what you can do to combat our emotions when it comes to investing.

After attending this session, you’ll understand:

  • How our biases and irrational behavior can act as a roadblock to our investment strategy and financial plan.
  • How to avoid “herd mentality” by understanding your unique circumstances and planning needs.
  • How to set rules and create action steps to take the emotional decision making out of investing.
  • Why having a thought partner can help you diversify, manage behavior, and organize your financial picture is important.

Meet Your Presenters

Michael Remedios, CFP®

Everyone has their own unique “money story.” Our financial lives are shaped by our family histories, our decisions, our experiences, and our values. My job is to help clients navigate the often complex world of financial planning by helping them align their time, money, energy, and talents and guide them toward their vision of financial success.

Lillian Turner, CFP®

I help clients live a richer life through financial education and empowerment. Investing for the future does not have to be complex or intimidating, and I strongly believe that building wealth is possible for everyone. I enjoy creating financial plans with clients and helping to bring them some peace of mind. There is no problem that cannot be solved with a new perspective and a little bit of creativity.


Michael Remedios, CFP®

Lead Advisor

Lillian Turner, CFP®