Finding Zen in your Life around Money

September 7, 2023

Brighton Jones and Women Living a Richer Life are pleased to announce personal finance expert and author Manisha Thakor’s new book MoneyZen. In this third and latest book from Manisha, she breaks down the personal, cultural, and societal forces that have led us to falsely believe we can never have, do, or be enough, and shows us a fresh new path toward “MoneyZen”—her joy-based approach to living a life rich in financial health and emotional wealth.

If you’ve ever thought, “It’s Never Enough” or “I’m Never Enough” – when it comes to money, work, accomplishments, or prestige, MoneyZen is your cure. During this discussion, we will explore the alignment of money, wellbeing, and being enough.

MoneyZen is available on August 8, 2023. HarperCollins Publisher presale orders are available now, secure your copy today!

Meet Your Presenters


Manisha Thakor, CFP®

Author of MoneyZen

Tama Smith

Head of Women Living a Richer Life