As the World Evolves: Making an Impact Through Values-based Investing

March 20, 2023

About this event

At Brighton Jones, we believe in helping our clients align their money with their passions, purpose, and values. Our Women Living a Richer Life Community has helped us explore the ways this can mean different things to different individuals and families. For some, it means ensuring their invested capital is being used to make a positive societal or environment impact in addition to providing a rate of return. But, what exactly does this mean and how does it work?

To help make sense of the world of impact investing, we are excited to host a discussion with John Streur, Chairman of Calvert Research & Management, a leader in impact investing for over 40 years. John delivered a powerful performance in our Seattle office five years ago as he shared Calvert’s views on important issues, discussed the firm’s approach to engaging with business and political leaders around the world, offered suggestions for what we can do as individuals to have a greater impact on the world, and explained how all of these factors can intersect with one’s investment portfolio. Discover John’s updated perspectives and observations from the past few years in all these areas in his return visit.

Meet your presenters:

John Streur

John is the chairman of Calvert Research and Management. He is also president and a trustee of the Calvert Funds as well as a board director of Calvert Impact Capital and chair of its Audit and Finance Committee. He guided the creation of the Calvert Principles for Responsible Investment, the Calvert Research System and the Calvert Indices, and has placed focus on investment research and emphasis on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors integrated with investment decisions.

Kaycee K. LeCong, CFP®

Kaycee is a family office wealth advisor and partner at Brighton Jones. By assuming the role of Personal CFO for our clients, Kaycee’s goal is to allow each individual to define what living a richer life means to them. No two client’s needs are the same, which is her favorite part of this job. She enjoys learning about each person’s unique situation and providing customized solutions to help them achieve their goals