Miles and More: Mastering Travel Points Like a Pro

March 14, 2024

Ever found yourself marveling at how some folks effortlessly snag upgrades to the front of the plane? Or perhaps you’ve glanced at credit card reward programs and thought, “This feels like a maze I can’t navigate?”

Well, fear not! We’ve got the insider scoop on how to master travel points like a true pro. Join us for our upcoming webinar in collaboration with No Mas Coach where our experts Ben and Jon demystify the world of credit card miles and points, showing you how to supercharge your travel experiences.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • How to Plan for Aspirational Travel Rewards: Discover the secretes to strategically earning those dreamy travel rewards through savvy credit card point management.
  • Optimizing Credit Cards for Families and Business Owners: Whether you’re juggling family expenses or running a business, we’ll share tips on how to maximize your credit card rewards tailored to your unique situation.
  • Generationally Strategizing Your Travel Rewards: Learn innovative ways to leverage your travel rewards, from gifting miles to charitable donations, ensuring your rewards leave a lasting impact.
  • Staying Organized and Automated: We’ll show you how to streamline and automate your process for hassle-free travel planning.

Small changes in your daily activity – when you travel, the credit card you choose and how you use them – can open up more travel experiences. And more upgrades.

Meet No Mas Coach!

No Mas Coach! is here to help you learn some of the tips, tricks, and secrets of how you can fly first or business class wherever you go, for a fraction of the cost. These writers provide ways to earn frequent flier miles with your average day to day activities, and some strategies to go a bit out of your way to earn extra miles as well. It’s No Mas Coach’s goal to help you sit up front and make travel an enjoyable experience by highlighting the best fares, deals, and opportunities to fly around the world on a shoestring budget.


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