Year-End Strategies for Tax Advantaged Real Estate Investing

December 1, 2021

Savvy investors know expanding and diversifying wealth is key, whether that’s a taxable sale of liquid equities or another strategic plan to minimize tax exposure.

Qualified Opportunity Zones offer a tax-advantaged strategy to simultaneously accomplish three frequent investment goals:

  • Reduce capital gains tax
  • Diversify real estate investments
  • Realize long-term real estate investment gains, tax free
  • While these investments are a creative year-end strategy to shelter from taxable gains costs, identifying and vetting them can be a challenge.

After watching this webinar, you will better understand:

  • The proposed changes to the Capital Gains and 1031 tax law
  • How to identify and quantify key strategies to reduce capital gains tax exposure
  • The benefits and risks of a Qualified Opportunity Zone investment
  • How to identify and evaluate Qualified Opportunity Zone funds and direct-investment properties
  • Identify specific year-end strategies to consider

Scott Greve

Lead Advisor, Real Estate Advisory Group