What Compassion and Community Mean to Us

Dec 05, 2017 |

Compassion and community are two of our company’s core values. Separately they’re powerful. Together they’re extraordinarily powerful! We recently had an opportunity to put the combined power of compassion and community into action, and we’re delighted to share the results with you. Our hope is that you’ll be inspired to join us in the future.

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Team Week

Last month, all of our 120+ employees from five offices nationwide gathered in Seattle for Team Week. We do this twice a year to strengthen relationships, recognize each other, and celebrate successes. It’s our chance to laugh and cry together (yes, we do that), collaborate on ways to improve our business, and solidify our One Team culture—all of which we feel helps us deliver more value to our clients.

Team Week is also an opportunity to cultivate compassion and build community. Here’s how:

Warrior of Compassion

compassion and community WorldreaderWe welcomed David Risher, co-founder and CEO of Worldreader, for a happy hour and presentation at Brighton Jones. The evening was a celebration of the partnership, collaboration, and joy all of us at Brighton Jones and Worldreader have experienced from helping others Live a Richer Life through the gift of reading.

A Warrior of Compassion is someone who cares passionately about the wellbeing of those around them.

After hearing about the amazing work Worldreader is doing, we also had the opportunity to present David with our Warrior of Compassion award in recognition of his tireless work to eradicate illiteracy around the world. A Warrior of Compassion is someone who embodies our core value of compassion and cares passionately about the wellbeing of those around them. The award is our version of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Day of Service

Several months ago, we announced our Compassion in Action initiative, based on the belief that doing things for others is a happiness amplifier. Just in the few short months since we challenged ourselves and others to dedicate more time to those in need, our team had logged 1,280 volunteer hours—an average of 12 hours per person!

The Brighton Jones team logged more than 2,000 hours of service over a three-month period.

To extend our impact, our entire team and a group of clients and relatives partnered with Seattle Works and Elk Run Farm for a full day of hands-on work, bringing our total volunteer hours since August to 2,012. We invite you to read a summary of the day.

Despite challenging weather, we had an awesome time working with Seattle Works to help out a great organization such as Elk Run Farm. The smiles in the photos don’t lie.

Future Events

We have always enjoyed volunteering alongside our community of clients, and we are excited to create more opportunities to put compassion into action together.

We would be delighted to have you and your family and friends join us for our service projects.

We can think of no better way to promote a greater sense of happiness while getting to know each other better. Please keep your eyes peeled for our updates on upcoming service projects.

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