Find Your Happy in 2018

By Charles Brighton & Jon Jones | Dec 14, 2017 |

Generosity is proven to spark happiness, so we hope the messages within our new calendar inspire you to give along with us.

find your happy 2018

We hope you are enjoying our newly released 2018 “Find Your Happy” calendar! For those who have not yet received a copy, you can request one online.

As you’ll see in the calendar, Stitch offers his canine perspective on how to live a happier life. As your Personal CFO, our mission at Brighton Jones is to help you, our colleagues, and our community Live a Richer Life. We believe that sharing this year’s calendar with you contributes to this endeavor, and hope it brings a smile to your face.

Last year our “Find Your Happy” calendar raised awareness for an urgently needed project in Kajiado, Kenya, a guesthouse for volunteers who care for children with disabilities, young girls escaping forced marriage, and other difficult situations. We feel grateful to report that—through your generosity and the efforts of our Brighton Jones team—ample funds were raised and the guest house is complete. Thank you! We couldn’t have done the project without your substantial contributions.

find your happy american red cross logoGenerosity and compassion are proven to spark happiness, so we hope the messages within the calendar inspire you to give along with us. After wildfires raged across Northern California in recent months, we were devastated to learn that thousands of families lost their homes to the fires, including those of several clients. As we help them rebuild, we’re reminded of those in Texas, Puerto Rico, and the greater Gulf Coast region facing similar destruction in the aftermath of hurricanes.

The Red Cross has and continues to do great work to help people affected by these disasters. Just think of the impact all of us can make collectively. For example, if everyone who receives a calendar donates $40 to the American Red Cross, they would receive $100,000.

In 2018, we encourage you to make compassion a verb and donate to the Red Cross or another organization near and dear to your family. Thanks for your support!

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