Find Your Happy in 2019

By Jon Jones | Dec 11, 2018 |

Find Your Happy Calendar

Our mission at Brighton Jones has always been to help our clients, colleagues, and the global community live a richer life. As your Personal CFO, your financial wellbeing will always be the core component of our service. But we also know that there are additional drivers of happiness, including uncovering your passions and finding ways to put those passions into action.

To that end, our second awareness trip to Kenya will depart in January 2019 as an endeavor of our recently launched public foundation, The Brighton Jones Richer Life Foundation. The organization will provide a mechanism for you to align your time and money with your values and passions by supporting both domestic and international initiatives. If you like, we will introduce you to new opportunities to connect, engage, and give back.

Find Your Happy Calendar_Page_2In our third annual Find Your Happy calendar, the words of Nobel laureates, across many fields of study, reflect powerful insights into humanity, our relationships with each other, and the impact of pursuing ideas and projects about which one is passionate.

The calendar also features our very own Ambassador of Happiness, Stitch, who officially holds the title of Chief Compassion Officer. As you will soon see, he also happens to be very photogenic and endlessly patient!

We hope these photos and moving contemplations will make you smile and encourage you to continually broaden your circle of compassion in support of healthier relationships, healthier organizations, healthier communities, and richer lives.

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