Find Your Happy in 2020

By Stitch Jones | Dec 04, 2019 |

We’re excited to share our fourth annual Find Your Happy calendar

Brighton Jones Find Your Happy Calendar 2020

Our mission at Brighton Jones is to help our clients, colleagues, and the global community live a richer life. We define that as aligning your time and money with what matters most to you.

In my world, that obviously means belly scratches, tennis ball chasing, naps, and awesome photo shoot sessions featuring me! But how exactly do we help our human clients achieve that sense of alignment?

Well, the essential bones of our work will always be our Personal CFO services and looking after our clients’ financial wellbeing. Our team is sniffing out the unique aspects of our clients’ financial details, especially around investments, taxes, and retirement.

In our fourth annual Find Your Happy calendar, I invite you to put your nose to the wind with me as I pursue the scent of other great initiatives, such as how we are helping clients with real estate portfolios, legacy planning for future litters, financial training for young pups, and uplifting women as financial and philanthropic decision-makers.

Let’s even get off leash a little and move beyond the balance sheet into other areas of wellbeing such as local and international Lemayian trips, podcasts, and MESI workshops. Perhaps you will find something new to engage in and, as a result, live your own richer life!

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