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By & Debra Shapira | Sep 01, 2022 |

East Africa is enduring its worst drought in 40 years. Food prices are spiking in drought-affected areas due to macroeconomic challenges, below-average harvests, and rising prices on international markets linked to the war in Ukraine. The UN estimates that roughly 20 million people face acute food and water insecurity, with those numbers rising daily.

Unfortunately, this comes at a time when media coverage is focused on other regions and humanitarian crises, and awareness is low. There has also been a general decrease in international giving in the past few years, and revenues and resources have plummeted while their communities’ needs have intensified. The need is great to expand awareness and giving to help stave off the devastating consequences facing the region.


Compassion has always been a central component of the Brighton Jones way of helping people live richer lives. In 2018, we established The Brighton Jones Richer Life Foundation to better align our clients’ and colleagues’ time and money with their values and passions. The foundation allows our community to put compassion into action by supporting domestic and international projects and is grounded in the belief that collective action, done well, can change the world.

Our community – from our clients to our colleagues to our domestic and international partners – has tremendous power in numbers and a shared commitment to helping others live fuller, richer lives. We call ourselves #OneTeam, a term we coined during our first community-wide international campaign in 2018 – through which we raised funds to build an international volunteer center (the Brighton Jones Global Guesthouse) to be utilized as a local community center, a space for volunteer lodging, and a source of revenue for nonprofit organizations working in Kenya’s rural Kajiado County.

Our Partners

The Brighton Jones Richer Life Foundation is partnered with three grassroots organizations in Kenya. Each works with uniquely vulnerable children to ensure they have the education, stability, and support to reach their highest potential. All are currently experiencing deficits in their budgets. We’re bringing #OneTeam together to let them know we hear them, we see them, and we’re here to help them chart a sustainable path forward.

GRACE Nanana | Providing safety, security, and education for Maasai girls

GRACE is a rescue center where Maasai girls can escape the illegal but still practiced customs of early marriage and female genital mutilation while pursuing an education. Full-time housing and care are provided on-site at Nanana Winbridge Education School, located in Kajiado town, 50 miles south of Nairobi. GRACE Nanana works to educate and empower girls to choose the life they want to live.

Ruben Centre | Providing joy and education to the children of the Mukuru community

Ruben Centre is an “Oasis of Hope” in a densely packed informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya. The center provides free primary education to thousands of children, childcare, health care, vocational training, and many other resources through dozens of innovative programs which help empower residents of the community.

Kajiado Childcare Centre | Providing access and mobility for children with disabilities

KCC is an organization that rehabilitates and educates children with physical disabilities to help them reach their full potential with integrity. It is an 80-bed facility with physiotherapists, a medical clinic, and a primary school located in Kajiado.

The Goal

Given the current situation in East Africa, our goal is to raise awareness – and money – to help our partners in Kenya, and the thousands of families they serve, live richer lives.

We’re asking the Brighton Jones community to join us in the #OneTeam for Kenya campaign. By providing funding today – and committing to multi-year gifts – we aim to provide stability for our partners, allowing them to resume the level of impact they’ve had in the past and work toward sustainable future programs.

Please help us reach our goal – to raise $500,000 by November 15.

Giving as #OneTeam

Please join our #OneTeam effort by making a donation here.

Our colleagues have already begun championing this initiative and putting on creative fundraising campaigns with their families, friends, and networks.

If you want to champion your own campaign and spread awareness throughout your community, please do so here. Our team can work with you to provide tools and tips on giving your network the gift of this opportunity to be part of #OneTeam.

In unity,

Brighton Jones & The Brighton Jones Richer Life Foundation

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