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A Visit From Ben Bernanke

On Thursday, October 15th, we sponsored the Ben Bernanke discussion, hosted by Town Hall Seattle. The event was held in Campion Hall on the Seattle

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Protecting Your Portfolio Against the Unpredictability of Financial Crises

For a brief moment, many of us may find ourselves daydreaming about the financial gain we could have reaped if only we had liquidated our equity exposure as the market peaked and reinvested as prices bottomed out. But, sooner or later, we eventually wake up and remind ourselves of the unsatisfying truth we have known all along—the future is unpredictable and our prognostications are too unreliable to act upon.

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Greece Is Not Alone: Understanding the Deleveraging Process

In the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis, much of the developed world, including the United States, is flirting with over-indebtedness. Rather than recount the details that led to Greece’s current financial state (which involves a lot of finger pointing), we believe there is greater importance in educating our readers on the various policy tools highly indebted countries have at their disposal in repairing their balance sheets—a process called deleveraging—where the aim for a country is to reduce its debt-to-GDP ratio.

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