Riley Hinkle

Riley Hinkle

I liaise with Brighton Jones industry partners to fuel our continuous growth, thereby helping more individuals and families live richer lives.

Annika Williams, CFA

Annika Williams Brighton Jones

As a member of the Personal CFO team, I feel honored to be invited into the financial narrative of each family we work with.

Erica Penner

Erica Penner Brighton Jones

I’m the growth and operations manager in our Portland office, meaning I help clients live a richer life by keeping things running smoothly!

Chris DeStefano

Chris DeStefano Brighton Jones

I believe a key part of living a richer life is removing fear, worry, and ambiguity associated with the future. By taking time to thoroughly get to know clients and understand their hopes, dreams and fears, I strive to build strong relationships.

Matt Mormino, CFP®

Matt Mormino Brighton Jones

As a senior lead advisor, I work to support other advisors and make sure they have the tools and resources that they need to help our clients.