Teach Me Money!

Education that helps you own your future

Teach Me Money! is Brighton Jones’ financial education program for young adults. It grew out of conversations with our clients about their own experiences with money, both inherited and recently acquired, and their desire to teach their own children how to navigate the complexities and emotions associated with wealth.

We created the Teach Me Money! curriculum to empower young people with the foundational principles of personal finance and the knowledge that everyone can own their future. While initially developed for our clients and their families, we have expanded the initiative to include workshops and educational resources for the broader community.

Director of Financial Education

Jedidiah Collins, CFP®

Jedidiah Collins, CFP®

Jed began his journey as a client with Brighton Jones while playing in the NFL. As a former player, Jed is able to translate the veteran mindset he learned on the field to other professions, whether it’s technology, sales, or start-ups. He is a passionate advocate for greater financial awareness and has worked closely with countless young adults, from high school and college students to those just beginning their careers. In addition to his work at Brighton Jones, Jed is an author, speaker, and—most importantly—a husband and father.