Private Equity Advisors

Unique insights and analysis to help you navigate the world of private equity

Many of our clients seek private investment opportunities in search of higher return potential, while some also enjoy being a part of the due diligence and deal selection process. Either way, our Private Equity Advisory helps clients navigate the world of private investments, providing them with expert guidance, evaluation, and review.

Private Equity Advisory includes three core services:

Assessment | Due Diligence Advisory

Our goal is to give our clients the tools necessary to make an informed investment decision. This work highlights challenges, possible red flags, information gaps, and key questions to ask.

Analysis | In-Depth Evaluation

For clients who want our team to drive the due diligence process, we review all deal materials, perform additional due diligence, and produce a full summary evaluation of the opportunity.

Solutions | Project Engagement

For clients who have a more specific need, this work offers assistance in evaluating the health of their existing portfolio of private investments and/or conducting in-depth due diligence directly with a company on the client’s behalf.

Brighton Jones’ Private Equity Advisory provides the expertise to help our clients make informed decisions based on unique insight, industry benchmarks, and best practices. In addition to assisting with specific investments, we enjoy the opportunity to share insights with clients who are intellectually curious about private investments.

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