Private Investments Advisory

Gain access, insights, and analysis for private investments

Private investments can be an important component to wealth-building plans for individuals who want to expand their opportunities beyond public markets.

Brighton Jones can source and advise on private equity, venture capital, and lending opportunities. Because we involve our Personal CFO, tax, and estate planning teams, these value-add services are fully integrated with your financial plan.

We put visibility at the core of our approach, starting with a clear perspective and understanding of your private investments and activities. From there, we strategically build a portfolio that can include opportunities we procure as well as deals you generate.

The Brighton Jones Private Investment Advisory helps you navigate investments by providing you with visibility, analysis, and support.

Portfolio Visibility

Work with private investment experts who can create a strategic asset allocation for your portfolio of private investments. With proper visibility and perspective, you’ll benefit from diversification and insight about how future deals fit into the mix.

Deal Analysis

Our team can help you with due diligence by providing insights, benchmarks, and best practices to enable informed investment decisions.

Ongoing Support

A private investment portfolio is dynamic and requires ongoing support. At a strategic level this includes managing capital calls and distributions, evaluating strategies for tax efficiency, analyzing pro rata and follow-on opportunities, and assessing liquidity options.

Brighton Jones Investment Partners

Brighton Jones Investment Partners pursues investments in a range of industries and stages in which we can add value beyond the capital.

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