Real Estate Advisory

Gain access, insights, and analysis for real estate investment strategies.

Real estate investments are an important part of any wealth-building strategy. It brings unique advantages, including passive income streams, use of leverage, and favorable tax strategies to expand and diversify your current holdings.

Brighton Jones can advise on and help our clients source private real estate investment opportunities and implement tax-advantaged diversification strategies. Because we involve our Personal CFO, tax, and estate planning teams, these value-add services are fully integrated with your overall financial plan.

We bring visibility to the core of our approach by starting with a clear perspective and understanding of your current real estate investments and activities. From there, we strategically build a roadmap that can include a combination of existing real estate holdings, new investment opportunities that we source, and deals you may generate.

The Brighton Jones Real Estate Advisory offers strategic portfolio recommendations, detailed analyses of individual properties, and roadmaps to tax-deferral strategies.

Real Estate Asset Review

Your team will conduct a detailed 10-year pro-forma to evaluate the potential return/profit of your investment property. This detailed process will quantify future tax impacts, cash flow, and return on equity, providing the framework for our forward-looking investment advisory.

Real Estate Investment Advisory

Brighton Jones’ real estate experts will review client-sourced real estate investment opportunities including private funds, syndication opportunities, and portfolio investments. We will conduct due diligence and provide insights, benchmarks, and best practices.

Tax-Deferral Strategies

Our real estate team provides expertise to clients by helping them leverage and implement significant tax-deferral strategies. This includes 1031 exchanges, transition into Delaware Statutory Trusts (DST), and strategic allocation into Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZ).

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