Life is MESI: Intro to our Mindful, Emotional & Social Intelligence Program

February 16, 2023

About This Event:

What is “MESI?” MESI stands for Mindful, Emotional and Social Intelligence, a Leadership Training Program developed at Brighton Jones to help improve how we show up for ourselves, our clients and each other.

Join our CEO, Jon Jones, to learn more about MESI, the personal story behind why it was created, how it impacts our company culture, and how you can get involved. After co-founding Brighton Jones more than 20 years ago and working with thousands of clients, Jon has learned that money does not create or drive happiness. Under the right circumstances, money can be an accelerator that helps you feel happy more often, but does not automatically guarantee a thriving and purposeful life.

In our experience, thriving means living in alignment with our values to get our needs met, which all begins by intentionally bringing awareness and attention to our relationships with ourselves and others. MESI provides a range of practices to help our team and global community live a richer life.

As a result of MESI, our team is more engaged, more present, and more curious. These benefits translate to our clients: we believe our advisors are better listeners, better able to connect to the emotions associated with wealth, and more attuned to how money and wealth relate to broader wellbeing.

We are excited to share MESI with our community and look forward to seeing you online!

This webinar is intended to provide an introduction ahead of launching in-person and virtual MESI workshops in the spring of 2023.

After this event, you’ll better understand:

  • What MESI means
  • How and why we use MESI within Brighton Jones
  • What we mean when we say, “thriving means living in alignment with our values to get our needs met”

Meet Your Presenters:

Jon Jones, CEO of Brighton Jones, leads more than 240 teammates in their efforts to redefine what it means to advise individuals and families at the intersection of life and wealth by aligning their time and money with their passions and purpose in life.

Jens Madsen, Brighton Jones Richer Life Partner Manager, supports our team in their pursuit of happiness and continuous growth. He uses our MESI program in conjunction with curiosity, open-mindedness, vulnerability, empathy, and compassion to empower us all to respond more thoughtfully and purposefully to life’s events.


Jon Jones

CEO of Brighton Jones

Jens Madsen

Richer Life Partner Manager