James McDougal

James McDougal

As a part of the team in Scottsdale, I play a role in ensuring that our clients receive the best financial planning services in the country.

Kyle Irion

Kyle Irion

Our work puts us at the intersection of life and wealth, giving us a chance to truly understand the passions and purpose driving our clients.

Sophia Riddle

Sophia Riddle Brighton Jones

As a client service coordinator, I have a passion for helping others and fostering strong relationships, with both clients and colleagues.

Vas Sabeeh

Vas Sabeeh Brighton Jones

I help clients live a richer life by understanding their needs and ensuring that clients receive the full Brighton Jones experience.

Mackenzie McMillan

Mackenzie McMillan Brighton Jones

As a client experience associate in the Scottsdale office, I strive to create strong relationships with both clients and colleagues.

Grant Lyon, CFP®

Grant Lyon Brighton Jones

The most rewarding part of my job is the ability to sit on the same side of the table as our clients and build trusting relationships over time.

Kory Leadon, CFP®

Kory Leadon Brighton Jones

I am responsible for thinking strategically with our clients about their life plans and ensuring that our “one-team” approach provides them with total balance sheet advice.

Kristen Purnell

Kristen Purnell Brighton Jones

As a client service associate, my goal is to help make what are ordinarily complicated or frustrating tasks worry-free.

Laura Jansen, CFP®, CPA, PFS

Laura Jansen Brighton Jones

One person’s passion is another person’s poison. That’s why I love getting to know families (spouses, parents, children), rather than individuals, to make sure that goals are inclusive and not alienating.