Lauren Mercer, CFP®

Lauren Mercer

Lauren Mercer serves as an advisor in Brighton Jones’ Washington, D.C. office.

Chris Hoffa, CPA

Chris Hoffa

As an advisor, my goal in helping clients is to make sure that they feel heard. By doing so, our team enables them to live a richer life.

Jennifer Mejia

Jennifer Mejia Brighton Jones

I strive to build strong and genuine relationships with our clients in order to assure them that we’re available to help no matter the situation.

Hennah Yi

Hennah Yi Brighton Jones

I strive to make a positive impact by establishing genuine connections with our clients and helping them live out a richer life beyond their balance sheet.

Madison Glass

Madison Glass Brighton Jones

I help clients live a richer life by giving them peace of mind in order to focus on the present and what brings them joy instead of worrying about the future.

Andrew Desing

Andrew Desing Brighton Jones

Understanding the needs and passions of our clients is the first step in helping them live a richer life. I work to identify clear strategies to provide clients with a roadmap for reaching their goals.

Jesica Ray, CFP®

Jes Ray Brighton Jones

As a lead advisor in our Washington, D.C. office, I help to service our clients on the East Coast. Having been raised on kindness and courtesy as core values, I believe that these are at the root of a positive client experience.

Jimmy MacDonell, CFP®, CPA

Jimmy MacDonell Brighton Jones

I work as my client’s Personal CFO to help them understand their current and future financial situation so that they can gain comfort in knowing that they will be able to live and experience life the way they want.

Keith Brennan

Keith Brennan Brighton Jones

In my role, I represent Brighton Jones as the first step in the relationship-building process. I enjoy getting to know each and every prospective client and try to truly understand what is most important to them, both financially and personally.

Michael Battaglia, CFP®, CIMA®

Michael Battaglia Brighton Jones

I serve as the Personal CFO for a select number of successful families. We use a consultative process to identify where they are now, where they want to go, and any gaps to getting there.