Bonnie Gerlaugh

Richer Life Partner Senior Associate | Seattle | 206.258.5134

How do I help our clients live a richer life?
I empower clients and colleagues to live a richer life through cultivating connection to themselves and others. I offer one-on-one coaching and co-lead our Mindfulness-based Emotional and Social Intelligence program. Sitting on the leadership team of our Compassionate Leadership Summit, I seek to connect leaders who are committed to developing cultures of compassion, consciousness, and civility in their own workplaces and communities. In a nutshell, I’m in the business of empowering better humans.

How do I spend my time outside of Brighton Jones?
I generally spend my time outside of Brighton Jones… outside. You can find me in a park, with a book, in the only ray of sunshine around. When there is no sun, I’m looking for the next local show.