Deja Dowell

Associate Advisor | Washington, D.C. | 703.682.1465

How do I help clients live a richer life?
I help clients live a richer life by working with my team to provide clients with thoughtfully crafted plans and advice allowing them to thrive within their personal finances and beyond. Leaving their financial management up to a group of passionate dedicated advisors gives our clients one less thing to worry about. With one less aspect to manage clients are free to live in their purpose and enrich the lives around them.

How do I spend my time outside of Brighton Jones?
Outside of work I prioritize connecting with nature, family and friends. When it’s warm I love to be outside whether I’m hiking, exploring the beautiful city of DC or just taking a walk in the park. When it gets colder, I spend most of my time reading, cooking, and crafting. No matter the season I love to connect with friends and family.