Molly Norton Brighton Jones

Molly Norton

How do I help our clients live a richer life?
As the director of philanthropy, I help clients live a richer life by aligning their passions and strategic goals with the causes that matter most to them. Every person’s reason for giving is deeply personal. So in addition to creating programs that will allow clients to learn about philanthropic strategies and issues, I help clients create a vision around what impact they’d like to have on the world. With an intentional giving strategy, clients can feel more confident about where the money is going and how it is being used, and as a result, the entire process can be transformative for both the donor and the recipient. For me, talking about “what type of world do you want to create with your giving?” is one of the most exciting conversations I can have with another person!

How do I spend my time outside of Brighton Jones?
Outside of work, I like to travel as often as possible. I was lucky enough to have a family that instilled in me a love of both community service and different cultures from a very young age, and much of what I’ve learned about philanthropy comes from living and working with non-profits both domestically and internationally for the past 18 years. Having two young kids has added an interesting level of complexity to my once-nomadic life, and these days sometimes just getting out the door to the playground feels like the adventure of a lifetime.